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solution to save medicare makes no changes for people 55 or older. >> congressman keith ellison on why ryan's medicare change is bad for america. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez has died of cancer at the age of 58. what does this mean for u.s. relations? we'll bring you the latest. >>> a civil rights hero wants the washington redskins to change their offensive name. it will take an act of congress to get nfl owners to move on this. >>> the path to citizenship, which i would support -- >> jeb bush flips. >> we can't continue to make illegal immigration an easier path than legal immigration. >> flops. >> i'm for it. >> and flips again. the big panel weighs in on jeb's radical immigration 360. >>> holy cow! >> comedian stephen colbert's sister has her eye on a south carolina house seat. tonight we're talking to democratic candidate elizabeth colbert bush. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. i thought we would start with a little basketball tonight since it's march madness. this gentleman is dean smith, one of the all-time greats at the university of north carolin
. they see if they build a weapon, we come at them. if they know that now, it could change everything. that's "hardball" for now, thanks for joining us. "the ed show" starts right now. >>> good evening. welcome to the ed show. i'm michael in for ed. tonight, john boehner backs off background checks. and saxby chambliss doesn't support gay marriage because he doesn't plan on having one. and a crisis somewhere you never believe and the best borrow baptist church gets a new neighbor. first, president obama calls on young israelis to embrace peace. this is "the ed show." as ed would say, let's get to work. it was a passionate appeal for peace. after speaking with palestinians in the west bank, the president took his message to israel, delivering a major speech earlier calling for a two state solution in the middle east. this was the main event of mr. obama's first trip to israel as leader of the free world. the president delivering what the administration called the centerpiece of the visit. the speech wasn't given in front of the israeli parliament where his predecessor spoke at his first trip
with the bartender who changed political history. tonight, the footage you haven't seen including the heroic act that convinced scott prody he needed to release the tape. >> looking back on it, it's one of the proudest moments of my life. >>> they're refighting the vietnam war over at cpac. >> vietnam was winnable, but people in washington decided we would not win it. >>> howard fineman has a wrap-up of the conservative conclave. >>> plus more republican obstruction of appointees has democrats fuming. i'll ask former senator tom daschle if harry reid needs to revisit the filibuster reform. >>> and yesterday it was the president. now democratic leadership looks like they may cave on social security. i'll ask the big congressional panel where they stand. >>> good to have you with us, folks, thanks for watching. people around the country are still buzzing about the man behind the 47% video who revealed his identity on this show last night. now, today the world is getting to know the real scott prody. he described himself on this program as a regular guy. he's got bills to pay, he struggles in the m
. the world witnessed the return of the hope and change guy from 2008. >> let me say this as a politician. i can promise you this. political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks. you must create the change that you want to see. ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. >> get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. will the middle east take president obama's message of compromise to heart? text a for yes, text b for no. 66672 or go to our blog. i'll bring you the results later in the know. i'm jointed by hillary levervitt, professor of american foreign policy. she specialized in affairs at the state department during the clinton and bush administrations and joined by matt center for american progress. seems like i just spoke to you last night. tell us what this speech means. does this mean the administration is willing to put forth a serious effort towards brokering peace in the middle east and specifically between israelis and palestinians or is this a tremendous speech that doesn't have the substance nec
that president obama will be very pragmatic and that scares me. he says president obama is willing to change the formula for how benefits under social security, medicare and other programs are calculated, change cpi in exchange for higher taxes? keep in mind the senator, this senator made a big slash filibustering 13 hours over an issue answered with one sentence f. the big three are threatened by a grand bargain. get your phones out. tonight's question. do you want bernie sanders, the senator, independent from vermont, to filibuster to protect the big three? text a for yes. b for you to 67622. you can go to our blog and we'll bring you the results later in the show. i'm already starting to get the feeling i've got a very unpopular position here that we should protect the big three at all costs because that's what this election was all about. it's about making the wealthiest americans pay more, but to get them to pay more, we have to cut into the middle class and elderly who didn't cause these financial problems. i don't buy it. joining me now is senator bernie sanders of vermont. good to ha
offensive and who shot the secret video that changed the course of history? good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. the 47% video changed the course of the 2012 presidential election. the romney campaign scamabled to address the candid comments, but the proof was on the video. governor romney was not concerned with the middle class in this country or the poor in america. for months, the identity of the person who shot the video remained a mystery. over the next hour, you will hear his story. right now, you will find out just who he is. what is your name and what are you all about? >> my name is scott prowdy. i'm a regular guy, middle class, hard working guy. you know, i think i would like to think i have a good moral compass and a core and i have a little empathy, a little more than mitt romney had. i don't know how i would describe myself, but i was behind this whole thing. i was bar tending that night for the romney fund-raiser. >> let's talk about may 17th. what happened that day? >> we got there, you know, it was a, you know, a political fund-raiser. we did our usual thing
's life. and that is wrong. that's what we need to change. we need to change the conversation entirely and focus on the choices and the actions of the person who committed the crime. because the only reason rain happens is rapists choose to commit rain. that is what we need to be talking about. and instead we always about what the victims could have and should have done to avoid rain, and that's completely wrong. >> erin, how do we push past this identification with the two young men, the boys in this case and focus squarely again on this female victim, because it seems some people are blaming the victim because it seems they either knew details of the case or didn't care or didn't know, like the damning messages sent. >> i'm inspired by the bravery of this young woman who testified in front of her accusers and went against the tide in a town that wore chipped football and football players. in terms of the town now it looks like there's going to be a grand jury convened. i think there are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the actions of the coach and his failure to report
and no amount of public shaming could change that fact. >> quite honestly, i'm really aashamed to see that congress doesn't have the guts to stand up, make a change and put a ban on these type of weapons and universal background checks. >> with the assault weapons ban out of picture for the time being, the focus is now on those universal background checks. the overwhelming majority of americans are for universal background checks. 88% of voters say they support these checks according to the latest polling from quinnipiac. as for gun owners, 85% of gun owners support background checks. late last night majority heard harry reid issued this statement, i want to be clear in order to be effective, any bill that passes the senate must include background checks. a welcome statement but senator chuck schumer is still searching for republican co-sponsor. then there's the question of the house. speaker john boehner hinted at support earlier this week. >> do you think background checks and improving background checks might be part of that? >> they should actually do a real background check on ev
that the years old, that dinosaurs and people occupied the same time. change. i mean, they've got people like preppers and birthers and god knows whatnot over there. to believe when rand paul says that -- by the way, freedomworks, you remember this clown outfit, paid dick armey an million severance and they get papers out and everything? they're supporting rand paul to the nth degree. for one minute that he doesn't have deep support with all these cockamamie conspiracy theories he's got going and blowing people up in restaurants in houston and bedrooms in bowling green. >> it is so over the top it's outrageous. i've never heard a senator theorize like that on the floor before. ed, you've got ten house members that are on birther bills. you had half the republican presidential field in 2008 denying evolution. i mean, this isn't just some kind of nutty thing -- this is a party -- i'm not saying all of them. but vast numbers believe in some of the weirdest stuff that you can imagine. >> yeah. well, he's definitely playing with his imagination to think -- what's he think, that the military's goin
may have the legal hammer coming down on his head. what's a little climate change when there are prognosticating groundhogs to worry about? >>> everything he sets his mind to, he does, he wants to be good at, and he's actually become a pretty good painter. >> maybe one of those things is true. we'll look at the paintings of the 43rd president. >> now, right up in here, we'll make a happy little cloud. >> art critic jerry saltz will analyze the bush brush. >>> we begin tonight with two men on opposite sides of gun safety reform. both claiming they represent the will of the people. new york city mayor michael bloomberg expressed confidence on "meet the press" that meaningful reform is on the horizon. >> i am cautiously optimistic. i think when you have an issue where 90% of the public, 80% of nra members even say that they think we should have reasonable checks before people are allowed to buy guns, they all support the second amendment, as do i do, but there are an awful lot of people that think that this is one of the great issues of our times. we have to stop -- >> yet
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that changed the course of history? good to have you with us tonight or the poor in america. for months t identity of the person who shot this video has remained a mystery. over the next hour you will hear the story and find out who he is. what is your name and what are you about. i would like to think i have a good moral compass. than mitt romney had. i don't know how i would describe myself, but i was behind this whole thing. i was bar tending that night for the romney fund-raiser. >> let's talk about may 17th. what happened that day? >> we got there, you know, it was a, you know, a political fund-raiser. we did our usual thing. we set up. you know, it went off without a hitch. i work high end parties from all over for extra money. you know, it was really just another typical party that i have done plenty of them just like it. >> did you know you were going to record him? >> you know, i did -- i brought the camera. a lot of other people brought cameras, like i said thinking he would come back and take pictures. clinton came back with the staff and took pictures. that was really my thoug
that department of homeland security has not changed since i left. despite this huge spike in the number of anti-government groups, they still only have one analyst looking at domestic non-islamic extremism. i find that quite startling and unsettling to me. >> what should be done about it? >> i think the slc is taking an important step in recommending an interagency task force. but there are other things that can be done. we have a whole generation of analysts and law enforcement officers who have been coming up through the ranks who had no idea what they're dealing with because they weren't on the job back in the 1990s. i would encourage training. we need to have commitment on the federal, state and local law enforcement to long-term undercover investigations looking into these groups. >> well, mr. johnson, how do you know what to take serious and what is a joke? i mean, where do you draw the line? and can analysts actually get to a point where they say we really need to watch this group. they are going to be trouble. >> yeah, that's one of the difficult aspects of the job. i think one of the t
senators over there who were pushing harry reid to change the rules and lo and behold here comes rand paul doing the talking filibusters, what they were talking about all along. >> i'm not a parliamentary expert. but i think this filibuster when you stand up and you've got to dot jimmy stewart thing and stand up and talk forever, that that can last only so long, but now i think the rule is they just don't get 60 votes and threaten to filibuster, the bill goes down. i think there's going to be some sort of tweaking. and they're holding up all kinds of judicial appointments and appointments to the government. the record, it's horrendous. it's much more than anything we've ever experienced in the past. and it has a great deal of frustration. i think rand paul's thing was kind of a comic show to a lot of people. but it was a 12 or 13-hour thing. >> about the drone program, where are the democrats on this debate? there's been very few democrats who are willing to call the president out on this. is it because he's just so popular, they're protect the president, they think he's got enough on his
't this -- we're at a point of trying to make change. you were just trying to change the conversation. >> right. >> that it's about behavior and it's not about firearms. >> yes. >> they're trying to make the case and the people who were attacking you is that you're trying to suppress some kind of gun ownership out there. >> right. and that's not really the issue. i was trying to move away from that conversation. i think that we get stuck too often in asking what women should or could have done to prevent rape, and instead we need to educate and train men to not rape in the first place. >> katrina, this overreaction to what a woman says about gun violence in america and protection after speaking her mind i mean is just amazing. i want to play a comment from republican strategist steve schmitt and get your response to this. >> i think in any organization where women are not at the table, where a skewed male in today's day and age, that's an organization that's deficient. that's an organization that's going to have problems. it's one of the problems that we have structurally in the republican part
. >>> this is "the ed show," and as ed would say, let's get to work. >>> it was supposed to change everything. the massacre at sandy hook elementary school was brutal and horrific, it shook us to our core but out of the tragedy, there was a hope something could get done. we as americans believed this was the event that would prompt our lawmakers to finally act, yet this is the cover of today's "new york daily news," shame on us. the faces of the 20 murdered children of the elementary school students in newtown, connecticut, surrounding those words. this is how a paper in the nation's largest city is reacting to news of the assault weapons ban being dropped. it was announced tuesday that the ban, introduced by dianne feinstein of california, was getting dropped from a larger gun safety package because the votes weren't there. senate majority leader harry reid, it's about the math. >> right now, her amendment, has less than 40 votes. that's not 60. >> yet looking at the latest polling, this is something the majority of americans really he cannot even get democrats as the new yorker put it. this
to work. >>> it was supposed to change everything. the massacre at sandy hook elementary school was brutal and horrific, it shook us to our core but out of the tragedy, there was a hope something could get done. we americans believe this was the event that would prompt our lawmakers to finally act, yet this is the cover of today's "new york daily news," shame on us. the faces of the murdered 20 children of the elementary school students in newtown, connecticut, surrounding those words. this is how a paper in the nation's largest city is reacting in the nation's country is the ban reintroduced buy senator dianne fine stain was getting dropped why a larger safety pageage because the votes weren't therement so senator harry reid it's about the math. >> right now her amendment has less than 40 votes. that's not of 0. >> now looking at the latest polling this is something that the majority of americans really want. 57% of americans say they want to bring the assault weapons ban back. but that majority is not being heard in the halls of the united states congress. reid couldn't get behind an ass
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base didn't come out. they lost because the country's changing. until they figure out that, they're going to keep opposing this and serving it up on a platter for democrats. >> given the fact that the fighting wing and other wing, maybe the chicken wing as well, the inability to step up to the plate here, the rnc report, rush limbaugh's not happy with it. what do republicans do? how do they figure their way out of this corner? >> it's time for them to go in the church we say to the alter. they need a wake up all call. it's really time to have a come to jesus moment with not only the policies, but who the messengers are. speaking of the ryan budget, you have a document that essentially says these are the things that our priorities and we've attached numbers to them. that's how much this matters. this is why the american public should pay attention to this. no, it's not going to pass. it's going to go to the house floor with other budgets and die right there because the upper chamber has no interest in ryan's priorities. when you look at the gop great opportunity plan or whatever i
? this is not a battle for us because it's just a reauthorization, it's not a new bill, there's very little change from -- >> but it took a year. >> it took a year. that's the point. it took a year. and it brought a lot of unnecessary attention and damage to the caucus. >> michael, you know -- michael eric dyson. just a few right-wing conservatives are controlling the congress right now and screwing a lot of stuff up. >> yeah. >> why was this such a heavy lift for the conservatives? >> it's a great point, but we have to go back to what michael steele just said and we have to underscore that. the bill is virtually the same. what has changed now is the composition of those who are looking at the bill. this made sense to american citizens for all of this time. since what? 1994 or thereabouts when violence against women had to be marked as a serious legislative item and priority on the agenda. now you've got these far right-wing conservatives who are so hellbent on taking hostage any form of legislation to prove they're bona fides and to prove they are somehow committed to this perfectly conservative ideol
. smugglers know the agency's weakness and exploit changes in manpower. of course, arizona governor jan brewer is a longtime advocate of the corporate tax cuts and shrinking government programs. always has been. but all of a sudden, she's kind of changing her tune. brewer lashed out this week when federal spending cuts forced homeland security to release 300 low risk detainees. >> they are releasing what we believe to be criminal illegal alien. >> brewer's spokesman calls the news about the furloughs outrageous and, quote, any cut that impacts public safety should be a last resort. then there's maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio who is also questioning this party's spending cuts. he told a reporter, you shouldn't take away resources when you still have a problem. it doesn't make sense. where were all these folks before? it's hard to feel sorry for the radical anti-immigration crack pots whining about federal spending cuts if the republicans had their way, they would drown government in a bathtub, right? maybe this will wake them up to just how dangerous their radical ideas really are. border s
that as a republican standard bearer from the last election, we've got to change. we can't keep running elections where we alienate hispanics or we ignore immigration issues and think we're going to win elections. >> do you think he is going to do that at cpac? >> no. and you saw i think in that clip is that he is going to come out there and say why he would have been a better president. the problem is the american people clearly did not agree. and i don't think he does himself a service. and i don't think he helps the republican party which i actually am very ecstatic about. this just adds to the turmoil the republicans find themselves in. >> terry, you have new jersey roots. this whole week, ordeal with chris christie, is this a republican mistake? >> i think it's definitely a republican mistake. i mean chris christie, for better for worse is extremely well liked in new jersey, which is shocking considering we have 10% unemployment. he has a 72% approval rate. >> could we be looking at the new republican leader right this? >> i think you could. but he's got a battle there is a lot of infighting going
florida and still lost the election. but things change all the time. florida is a state the republicans would love to have. and the only probably democrat that could beat jeb bush in florida arguably would be hillary clinton. that going to happen? get your cell phones out. we want to though what you think. tonight's question, will this country ever elect another bush? text "a" for yes. text b for no to 67622. you can always go to our blog at we'll bring you the results later on in the show. i am joined tonight by mitch ceaser, chairman of the democratic party in broward county, florida, and a member of the executive board of the democratic national committee. also with us tonight, jonathan alter, msnbc political analyst and bloomberg columnist. and jim moore, director of the progress texas pac and author of "bush's brain." jim, you first tonight. you know the bush family well. is jeb definitely positioning himself to make a run in 2016 and become a strong voice in the republican party to resurface as maybe a leader that they're desperately looking for? >> if so, ed, he has
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)